Drivers License

Renewals are done in our office.The Alabama State Trooper Examiner’s Office is open in Cherokee County on Monday and Tuesday from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm. You must be signed in by 2:30 pm to be seen.  For questions regarding renewals, you may contact us at 256-927-3363. For questions regarding Testing, CDL, Transferring license from another state or new identification card issuance, you may go to an Alabama State Trooper Base listed below or contact them at their number shown below:

Jacksonville State Trooper Base (256-435-7006)

Glencoe Driver’s Range (256-492-5035)

Fort Payne State Trooper Driver’s License Examiner (256-845-6089)

To duplicate a lost, stolen, destroyed or never received license or identification card, you must bring in something that has your name and date of birth. Social Security cards are not enough because they do not have your date of birth on them.  Documents that are accepted are birth certificate, passport, old driver’s license or identification card, certificate of naturalization, certificate of citizenship, certificate of birth abroad, resident alien card, marriage certificate, military identification, military DD-214, voter registration card, or any official document that has your name and date of birth on it.

Class A Commercial License
Motor Driven Cycle License $23.50
Class B Commercial License
Motorcycle License $23.50
Class C Commercial License
Learner’s License $23.50
CDL Permit
Duplicate License $18.50
School Buses Only
$23.50 Identification Cards $23.50
Class D Operator License $23.50
License fees shown above are subject to change and will be slightly higher in counties where local legislation permits a higher fee. The minimum are requirements for Alabama Driver License and Non-Driver Identification cards are as follows:
Identification Card
No Age Requirements
Class D Learner License
15 years old
Class D
16 years old
Motor Driven Cycle
14 years old
Vessel License
12 years old
CDL Class A Unrestricted
21 years old
CDL Class B Unrestricted
21 years old
CDL Class B Restricted
18 years old
CDL Class C 21 years old
Drivers License examiners are only in Cherokee County on ——– at the ————-(location) 256-927-3654